CCTP-600 Presidential Campaigns in New Media Environments
Fall for 2016-2017
In the last three election cycles, the media landscape has been transformed. While relatively new entities like Politico have been thriving, old media stalwarts like Newsweek no longer exist. Social media have changed the ways that campaigns get out their message and provided consumers with new ways to stay informed.

The changes have also given rise to new methods of reaching out to voters. New technologies have allowed campaigns to micro-target specific communities and demographic groups. These micro-targeting tactics rely on transmitting a tailored message to a subgroup of the electorate on the basis of unique information about that subgroup. Micro-targeting is not limited to campaigns. It is also used by companies in the private sector to target consumers based upon their past behavior and preferences.

This class will examine the communication strategies of the Trump and Clinton campaigns – what works and what doesn’t. It will also compare and contrast communication strategies of presidential campaigns over the last two decades. Guest speakers who hold or have held senior positions on presidential campaigns will periodically engage students in q & a sessions. There will also be q & a sessions with experts in the field of micro-targeting. The class will also include a visit to the White House Daily Briefing. Students are expected to stay informed on daily campaign events. They will submit a group project based on a micro-targeting exercise. They also be expected to complete a 15-page paper.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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