CCTP-617 Interaction Design: Electronics and Semantics
Spring for 2016-2017
Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to create a new product, an everyday consumer who wants to personalize your life with interactive artifacts, or a creative spirit who wants to express yourself through physical media, knowing how to combine physical and virtual elements in meaningful ways is the most important communication skill of the 21st century. Interaction Design: Electronics And Semantics (IDEAS) will teach you how to create and test working prototypes of electronic artifacts and to understand how these artifacts acquire meaning to their users. Through lectures on basic electronics, readings on creativity and design, and hands-on exercises in protoyping techniques, this class will give you the foundation you need to begin creating physically interactive artifacts in fields like wearable computing, toy design, new media art, robotics, and many more. After mastering tutorials and exercises in topics such as circuit design, 3D modeling and printing, mold-making, and others, students will use an iterative design process to design three custom electronics projects and fabricate the containers that give them meanings as products. After completing this course students will have intermediate level knowledge of concepts in electronics and design.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Fall '16: Barba, E. (description, file download)
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