CCTP-623-01 Remix Practices
Fall for 2016-2017

This lab-based seminar explores the “remix” as both an analytic framework and a method of critical practice. Remixes can be found in music, text, images, education, games, art, technology, fashion, and wherever something intended for a particular meaning or use is redeployed and reinterpreted within a new set of constraints. Digital technologies have catapulted remixes to a new level of visibility. But the remixing of culture precedes these technologies.

This course begins with a theoretical opening discussion in which remix theory is unpacked, unmixed, and re-assessed as a semiotic process accelerated by new media technologies. We will also touch upon a variety of cultural issues raised, inspired, and/or challenged by the remix. Throughout the course, we will apply remix practices that uncover novel connections and new meanings across sources. Hands-on experiments explore the remix across a spectrum of media forms: text, sound, image, video, and simple interactive animations. By the end of the course, you will have practice applying the remix as both an analytic paradigm and a technical method. You will remix your own work and the work of others throughout the course, and your final project will be a research remix.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: none

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Spring '17: Osborn J.R. (web site, file download)
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