CCTP-669-01 Cultural Politics of Television
Fall for 2014-2015
Meltzer, Kimberly

This course will examine the cultural politics inherent in, and mediated experiences with, different television genres: news and public affairs programming, fictional programming such as comedies and dramas, and reality television. Issues that will be raised about these genres include authenticity, representation, visibility, consumerism/commodification, educational/informational value, other uses and gratifications, authority and legitimacy, power relations/hegemony, political economy, use of technology and formats, and transformation of the self. Course materials and discussions will span these TV genres' producers, audiences, and texts/content (so production, reception and text itself). The course will also consider how the formerly defining qualities of these genres are melding together in ways that conflate genres and which could render the distinctions between genres obsolete.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Fall '14: Meltzer, K. (file download)
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