CCTP-736 Digital Research: New Ways of Knowing
Spring for 2016-2017

This course, conducted as a series of fourteen workshops with online components, will introduce students to digital research methods.

Our seminar surveys recent experimental and innovative methods of digital research from across the academy, exploring both the philosophical and practical means by which new research methods are invented, applied, and assessed. Beginning with a self-defined set of research problems and passions, students will build a portfolio of digital research methods that comparatively models the affordances and risks of each approach.

Scholars’ initial enthusiasm for the means and modes of digital research has been met lately by the challenge of negotiating new ways of knowing from *this side* of the alphabet’s interface. In addition to interrogating these new technologies of inquiry, then, our course will take novel modes of post-alphabetic scholarly *practice* seriously: Students who take this course should be prepared to engage in collaborative authorship, crowd-sourced research, game-based research, participatory and community-based research design, “design thinking”, making and “de-making".

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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