CLTR-508-101 Capstone Project
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Each student will complete and present a mentored capstone project, which includes a poster presentation and research paper. Students will submit a 1-page abstract to the program director the semester prior to their capstone registration.

Each project must be approved by the student’s advisor and by the Program Director prior to being undertaken, preferably by the first half of the term of study, and will be presented in a final term, program-wide poster/discussion session.

Capstone projects can take several forms, individualized to the student’s research activities and goals,
but based in a clear and evaluable manner on the competencies developed in the MS CTR course of study, including:

1. Critical review of the literature 2. Development of clear and testable hypotheses
3. selection of appropriate methods and of a rigorous (data) analysis plan 4. attention to human subjects research ethics considerations
5. Clarity of presentation and of responses to questions.
Credits: 3-6
Prerequisites: None
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