ECON-548 Trade & Development
Does trade help countries develop? History seems to show a positive correlation between open trade regimes and economic growth over the long haul. Still, economists have provided various arguments about the role of trade in growth, or more precisely, offered various suggestions on how trade policies might be managed to enhance growth. These policy prescriptions have changed over time. Empirical efforts to examine the role of trade on development show mixed results. In this course we will review some of the current issues surrounding trade and development, review the relevant trade and development concepts, and examine the empirical findings. Why should you be interested in the topic? Recent examples include US-CAFTA FTA, development issues in Africa, and economic growth in China. In addition there are many large players (read - possible employers) USAID, Millenium Challenge Corporation, and international institutions such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asia Development Bank, UNCTAD, and Civil Society Groups. The main goal of the class is to help students think critically about, and to be knowledgeable of, the concepts and empirical work relevant to on-going trade policy and globalization discussions.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: GSFS Students only
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