EHSY-668 Business Innovations
Fall for 2017-2018
Portman, Robin
This advanced seminar explores current ideas and potential innovations for
dramatically improving the U.S. health care system. A disruptive innovation, a term coined by
Clayton Christensen, is an innovation that improves a product or service in ways that the market
does not expect. Sustaining innovations improve performance in ways that mainstream customers value, while disruptive innovations often have characteristics that traditional
customer segments may not want but that have the potential to dramatically change market
demand and to overtake market leaders. This course looks at potential disruptive innovations in
the health care industry, ranging from new organizational models to technological and scientific
advances to the convergence of data systems and measurement research. Utilizing the Oxford
Tutorial method, the course will feature experienced faculty/practitioners that challenge
students to develop sound and critical analyses of new concepts and ideas.
Credits: 2.0
Prerequisites: None
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