GBUS-424 Industry and Innovation in Developing Countries, Theory and Practices
Fall for 2017-2018
"Industrial development and innovation are the essential forces that determine growth development and structural change. In particular innovation plays an essential role in the developing world and its role will be increasingly important. This course is designed to give students the tools and analytical methods to think systematically about industrial development and innovation in developing countries, and provide them with a practical understanding of these phenomena. The course focuses on the economic logic behind policies and programs to promote industry and innovation in a developing country context. Students aspiring to leadership in the public and private sector need to understand the increasingly important role of innovation and industrial development. Students interested in working for multilateral organizations, government agencies, private sector firms interested in emerging markets, NGOs and other organizations promoting innovation and industrial development should take this course.
Part one of the course lays the theoretical foundations of industrial development, including traditional, as well as, newer and unorthodox approaches, with a focus on the theory of the firm in emerging countries. Part two of the course explores in detail the tools and mechanisms frequently implemented in industrial and innovation policies and programs, and will analyze the approaches followed by some governments and international organizations using concrete empirical examples. The course will have a strong focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Topics include enterprise clusters, global value chains, innovation systems and innovation policy. Discussion and active participation will be encouraged throughout the course. A typical class will involve a lecture, with the second part of the class split between follow-up discussion informed by student readings and group work and presentations to identify the problems and the policy remedies to insufficient innovation and industrial development in selected developing countries."

Students - please register for the correct section: GBUS 424-01 BSFS Jr. & Sr.; GBUS 424-01 GBUF; GBUS 524-01 GSFS & MPP

* This course is taught in the first half of the semester (8 weeks long)

Only offered in the Fall of 2016.
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: None
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