GBUS-458 Glob:Risks & Invest in Emerg Mkt
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Conor Healy & Petal Hackett
The aim of this course is to place theories of international investment decisions in the context of broader theories of globalization and development. In particular, the course will focus on considerations of non-commercial risk and how investors manage them in a developing world context. The course aims to provide students with the following:
• A theoretical framework for understanding the evolving context of globalization and investment in developing economies
• A toolkit for understanding and assessing non-commercial risk
• A toolkit for evaluating the implications of these investment decisions for the host country
The course will place a strong emphasis on case studies, identifying concrete examples of the different non-commercial risks in emerging or challenging contexts.

Students will be evaluated on the basis of the quality of their class participation and demonstrated knowledge of the subject material (25%), a final exam (25%), and the two team papers/critiques (20% for the risk presentation and 30% for the case study)

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GBUS 458-01 BSFS (Jr & Sr); GBUS 458-02 IBD Candidates & GBFs; GBUS 458-03 GSFS; GBUS 458-04 GSFS IBD Candidates, MBA, CCT
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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