GBUS-504 Global Innovation Strategy
Fall for 2017-2018
Innovators disrupt established competition in the world’s marketplaces with new products and services; innovators create new customer demands and expectations; innovators threaten the strategies, market shares, and profits of traditional competitors. Innovator-managers organize internal resources and capabilities; innovator-managers leverage global and local networks and form strategic alliances to gain access to resources and capabilities. Entrepreneur-innovators overcome the special challenges of marketplace newness to found new ventures. Location matters for innovation strategies: Despite that information and communication technologies enable global access to information, breakthrough innovators tend to concentrate in a few countries with deeply institutionalized resources and capabilities. Skilled imitators tend also to cluster in countries with distinctive patterns of institutions and organizations. Country capabilities regarding technology learning, imitation, and innovation drive long-term economic growth rates. Country capabilities tend to exist in patterned categories of institutions and organizations, though every country features peculiar configurations of how their polities, economies, and cultures operate. Innovators tend to cluster in sub-national districts, yet may also organize for global innovation capabilities through location choices and strategies. International diplomacy institutionalizes global standards, rules, and principles of cooperation. Global Innovation Strategy draws conceptual development, analytic frameworks, and empirical findings from studies in management, organization, comparative government, and international relations to explore the themes of stasis, imitation, innovation, and change.

Students - please register for the correct section: GBUS 404-01 BSFS; GBUS 404-02 GBUF; GBUS 504-01 GSFS (For Spring 2017, GBUS 504-01 will be replaced with GBUS 404-03)

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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