GBUS-578 Governance, Transparency, Accountability and Corruption
Fall for 2017-2018
Murphy, Dale (ddm41)
The abuse of authority for private gain and mechanisms to address it are age-old. Neither ‘open government’ mantras nor corporate codes, nor foreign aid policies abroad, offer a panacea. Concepts, technologies, and institutions to measure, monitor and ameliorate corruption and promote good governance in the public, private and nonprofit sectors require constant innovation in order to guide self-interests into socially-productive outlets and to weed out abusers (at the organization, local, national, and international levels). This course brings students into the ‘bleeding edge’ of current research, techniques, actors and policy debates over good governance and corruption.

This course is intended for students enrolled in the following programs: GRAD (Masters in GOVT (conflict res), MPP, GSFS, CCT & MBA w Permission), LAW
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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