GERM-022 Intermediate German: Experiencing the German-Speaking World
Spring for 2017-2018
This course is the second half of the two-part course sequence at Level II. The course is organized topically to familiarize students with contemporary life in the German-speaking world. In Intensive Intermediate, students explore the following themes:
• Nature, people, environment
• Fairy tales
• The German-speaking world from a view of a foreigner
The primary text type that is used at this level to explore each theme is the story, — personal, public and literary stories. Students typically encounter each text first in class and then engage it further out of class in preparation for subsequent in-depth thematic discussions in class. Class discussions often involve role play and/or group work as a way to enhance conversational and negotiating abilities. The course’s emphasis on improving students ability to narrate, compare and contrast, express opinions, and establish causal relationships in speaking and writing lays the groundwork for the historical treatment of stories and histories in Level III.

By the end of the level II students
• will have a good understanding of contemporary life in the German-speaking world with some in-depth knowledge of major social, political and cultural issues;
• will be able to comprehend authentic materials (video, native speaker conversation) with global comprehension and some fine point knowledge analysis;
• will be able to produce spoken and written discourse from description to narration, to formulation of argument and/or hypothesis, incorporating an increasing variety of style and complexity.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: GERM-021 or placement test
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