GOVT-233 Political Parties
Spring for 2017-2018
This is a course in one of the most significant elements of democratic politics, the political party. It is possible to think about and even describe government without reference to political parties. But since political parties permeate every aspect of most governments, any real understanding of civics requires an understanding of the roles that parties play. After taking this course, students will understand parties from two important frameworks. The first is what we call “positive,” or what is the role of the political party. The second is “normative” or what should be the role of the political party. These two questions are of course bound up in each other, and we will discuss them in parallel. A better understanding of why parties are the way they are will perhaps inform our beliefs about how they should be. And different arguments about how parties should be no doubt have influenced the way they have come to be.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: GOVT 020 or GOVT 008
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