GOVT-351 Dept Sem: Islam in International Politics
Fall for 2010-2011
Henne, Peter
This course is designed as an introduction to the role Islam—and religion in general—plays in international politics. It is intended to expose students to a variety of perspectives on this issue, including both general overviews of Islam and politics and studies of specific countries. While the course is focused on Islam, a proper background in the study of religion and politics is required, so the course will spend some time on this subject. The course is divided into three units. The first unit focuses on religion and international politics, covering topics such as the role of ideas in international politics, a general discussion of how religion affects politics and the international system, and how to conceptualize inter-religious interactions. The second unit focuses on Islam, beginning with a general discussion on how to approach the topic of Islam and politics and moving to more specific issues, including the relationship between Islam and violence, foreign policy and peace-building. Each topic includes a discussion of the relationship between the issue and religion in general before moving to a discussion of Islam in particular. In this way, the study of Islam and International Politics can be tied to broader debates in the field and compared with the study of other religions. The course concludes with the third unit, which is a debate on the role of religion in a particular case, the civil war in Algeria; this unit is intended to bring together the various subjects addressed in the course in one discussion. The course will be a mix of lecture and discussion.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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