GOVT-366 Dept Sem: International Energy Policy
Fall for 2015-2016
Pinho, Manuel
*This course will be taught by Manuel Pinho in Fall 2015.*

The course will cover in the first 10 classes the world energy balance, the 3 main game changers (China, energy security and climate change) and the most important energy challenges from the point of view of the
• US (shale gas and tight oil revolution),
• China (external dependence, pollution),
• Europe (20/20/20 strategy, single market, competitiveness),
• Russia (investment, strategic cooperation with China), and
• Developing countries (energy access for all).

The remaining 3 classes will cover 6 special topics:
• Energy Darwinism, The evolution of the energy industry (Citibank)
• How China´s resource quest is changing the world (E. Economy and M. Levi)
• Fueling the future with natural gas (HIS CERA report on natural gas in the US)
• Energy economics developments in Europe (European Commission)
• Risky business: The economic risks of climate change in the US (Bloomberg- Paulsen report)
• Outlook for Russian energy (International Energy Agency)

The course includes Australia 2050, a web based game to create energy sustainability scenarios for Australia in 2050.

Sample questions to which students will be able to provide a quantitative answer by the end of the course: i) world energy balance by demand and supply sources; ii) shale gas and tight oil reserves; iii) impact on world oil reserves of an improvement through technological progress of the rate of recovery; iv) energy demand and CO2 emissions in different GDP growth and carbon intensity for China; v) estimate of the levelized cost of electricity production in several regions of the world under different assumptions for fuel and CO2 prices.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Fall '15: Pinho M (file download)
Fall '15: Pinho M (file download)
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