GOVT-585 Managing Organizational Conflict
Spring for 2014-2015
Effectively managed organizational conflict is something to which managers often aspire, yet often fail to accomplish. Why is this so? What makes managing organizational conflict such a difficult task?

Today, in a globalized economy, the consequences of poorly managed organizational conflict are many. Poorly managed conflict gives competition an advantage where one may not have existed previously. Misunderstanding, enmity and conflict have derailed many projects, people, and ideas. In the short run a poorly managed employee may result only in slightly lowered morale, in the long run, however, the poorly managed employee transmogrifies into a lawsuit, bad publicity and sometimes even violence.

The unit Managing Organizational Conflict is designed to canvass a variety of issues that impact upon the effective management of organizational conflict. In this unit we will examine the dynamics of poorly managed organizational conflict, to better determine what goes wrong. We will also examine effectively managed conflict, so that we may ascertain the many ways in which conflict can be used constructively. Also canvassed with a range of subjects addressing directly methods for encouraging effective conflict management.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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