HSCI-160 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
This course provides an introduction to the theory and application of health promotion principles. Current issues and controversies in health promotion will be discussed. Students will utilize needs assessment data to plan a health promotion program as an outcome of the course.

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this course the student will be able to
1. Discuss the domestic and global perspectives on health promotion.
2. Discuss the planning process to design a health promotion intervention: needs assessment, culture, program philosophy, mission, goals, objectives, and evaluation.
3. Describe and apply theories/models used in designing health promotion and disease prevention strategies.
4. Discuss marketing of health promotion programs.
5. Discuss the evaluation of health promotion programs.
6. Identify the qualities of effective assessment instruments used in needs assessment.
7. Discuss health literacy as a cross-cutting issue impacting quality of health care.
8. Discuss current topics in health promotion.

HSCI Laboratory Learning Objectives:
At the completion of this course students will be able to:
1. List and describe the human science fundamentals of a given public health problem, including the larger program and policy context of the problem.
2. Identify and explain the activities of major federal, state and local public health agencies that promote public health and perform needed regulatory functions that support public health and disease prevention
3. Describe the influence of foundations and associations on public health.
4. Discuss the uses and limitations of web-based public health information.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Only Human Science Majors; Sophomore status
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