HSCI-205 Group Dynamics in Health Promotion
Spring for 2017-2018
This seminar course is offered for 3 credit hours and will examine the role of students’ teamwork, leadership skills, developmental theory and community dynamics to improve the health and well-being of college students. The campus community as the setting in which health promotion takes place will be integrated throughout the course.

The course will feature a high level of discussion and student engagement, and will include case analysis, theory presentations, student-led seminar discussions, and student group projects.

Explore questions like:

What is useful about exploring “the campus community” as a unit of measure in pursuing health promotion efforts? How is a campus community distinct from and similar to other kinds of local and virtual communities?

What theories of leadership provide useful lenses for looking at how individuals can make a difference in health promotion?

What theories are useful in understanding the developmental transitions and tasks faced by college students?

What characterizes a high-performing team and distinguishes it from an average team?
How are teams uniquely situated to address community health issues and engage in health promotion?
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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