HSCI-323 Human Science Seminar/Internship II
Spring for 2017-2018
Course Goals & Description

Building upon concepts introduced and skills learned in Internship I, the students will carry out their proposed research and produce both a written research paper and present their research orally to the rest of the Human Science majors at the end of the semester (or other approved time). Class discussions will guide the outlining and drafting of the research paper, the critical evaluation of scientific writing, as well as the delivery of formal oral presentations.


1. Convey scientific information and ideas orally and in writing.
2. Produce a scholarly report that answers a question/solves a particular problem within Human Science.
3. Develop critical thinking skills making and evaluating specific claims and the acknowledgment and response to anticipated questions.
4. Develop writing skills through the iterative process of planning, drafting and revising under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Human Science (HSCI) Seniors only
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