HSCI-355 Genetics In Health and In Disease
Fall for 2017-2018
This course is designed to reinforce basic principles of genetics, and introduce central principles of translational and clinical genetics. The student will learn about both classical Mendelian disorders as well as the role of genetics in common adult disease. Upon completion of the course, the student will have a deep understanding of current genetic information in health and disease.

Course Learning Objectives

1. Understand gene and genome structure
2. Understand the basic principles of cytogenetics and diseases related to chromosomal abnormalities
3. Comprehend, interpret and perform basic genetic analyses
4. Be able to search publicly available data bases for information relevant to diagnoses, prognoses and treatment
5. Be able to recognize and uncover familial patterns of disease inheritance
6. Relate common genetic variation to disease risk, treatment and outcomes.
7. Develop a moral and ethical framework for understanding and applying genetic information.
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: Human Biology, General Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology of Health and Disease, or approval of instructor
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