HSCI-369 Cell Biology of Cancer
Fall for 2017-2018
Description: Topics in molecular cell biology relating to the cell biology of cancer will be discussed. This upper level undergraduate course builds on concepts introduced in foundational courses in cell biology and will emphasize experimental methods and design, as well as critical data analysis. Students will present papers from the primary literature each week individually or in groups.
This course draws on the core themes of organization, molecular evolution, flow of biological information and interdependence and interactions within biological systems.
This course will improve students’ abilities to:
1.Describe our current understanding of the behavior of neoplastic as compared with normal cells
2.Describe the experimental systems and methodologies that have been and are currently used to study the cell biology of cancer
3.Describe unanswered questions within the field of cancer biology
4.Read and interpret primary scientific literature
5.Evaluate scientific data from the literature critically
6.Communicate scientific information in both written and oral formats.

Texts & Readings

Weinberg (2006). Biology of Cancer.

What Students Should Know

Contact the instructor if you have any questions about this course, e.g. permission to pre-register for students lacking pre-requisite courses.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: HSCI-369: HSCI-280 or HSCI-310 BIOL-369: BIOL-170 or permission of the instructor
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