ICOS-325 Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior I
Fall for 2017-2018
Teal Connor (tc297), Misha Smirnov (mss232)
This course uses a interdisciplinary approach to study function and dysfunction of the brain. We emphasize basic concepts in neuroscience, examine the cellular and molecular underpinnings of various abnormalities of the nervous system, and explore neuropharmacology as therapy and as a tool to study brain function.

Special emphasis is placed on 1) bridging basic neural mechanisms (neurotransmitters, circuits, systems) and higher brain processes (emotion, cognition, memory) and 2) the utility and limits of animal models of human behavior and disease. The course will involve lectures, student presentations, and discussion of primary literature.

Fall: stress and homeostasis, reward and addiction (drugs, eating disorders), mood regulation (anxiety and depression) and attention, social behavior, and cognitive control (schizophrenia, autism, and ADHD).
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Intro Biology, a neuroscience course, or permission of the instructor
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