INAF-311 India Innovation Studio: Designing for Droughts 1
Fall for 2016-2017
Giordano, Mark and Nooruddin, Irfan
Each year, this studio-based course examines a different problem facing India. The course is taught through a multidisciplinary lens and operates in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra to design, prototype and implement a solution on the ground. This year, the topic is drought, which is particularly timely given indications that a severe drought is underway in Maharashtra at this time.

India was already a water scarce country and recent droughts have made matters even worse. Poor farmers have been especially impacted and farmer suicide is now a national topic. Food aid, loan forgiveness, counseling and electricity concessions are being used to address the problem but have not solved it. At the same time, the funds for these programs is coming at the cost of investment in education, urban innovation and infrastructure and economic growth.

The course is team taught in modules and led by Professors Irfan Nooruddin and Mark Giordano. In the fall semester of this studio, students will first academically explore the political, hydrologic, and infrastructure dimensions of drought. The spring semester will focus on the policy, economic, and ethical dimensions of potential solutions, which students will design working in close collaboration with experts in the field, stakeholders, and the Maharashtra government. Selected students will be offered the opportunity to travel to Bombay, Maharashtra, during summer 2017 to present policy recommendations to high-level officials in the Maharashtra government.

While the studio is designed to be a year long course (Fall, Spring) with the option to continue research on the ground through the summer, students are allowed to take it for just a single semester too. Students who do take both semesters will be given preference for selection and funding for the summer trip to India.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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