INAF-338 Internship in International Affairs
Fall for 2017-2018
Aronson, Samuel
The course is designed to provide an academic framework to support students in setting goals for their internship and in reflecting upon the experience as it relates to their academic and career goals. Students will be given directed readings and assignments to help them develop and refine their professional goals and skills. Students will participate in guided reflection exercises to assist them in working with the internship provider to ensure that the experience provides meaningful opportunities to explore the intersection of international affairs and their work.

This course is intended for SFS juniors and seniors who have secured an internship. Sophomores may request approval. Students must be working in an internship for a minimum total of 75 hours during the same academic term as the course enrollment. This is a one-credit pass/fail course to provide academic credit for students who require it to participate in an internship.

In lieu of class meetings, students will participate by submitting assignments through Blackboard and by responding to postings from the instructor and fellow classmates on Blackboard. Participants will also meet with the internship course convener twice throughout the semester and as a group to receive feedback, share experiences, and discuss the relationship to international affairs.
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: None
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