INAF-369 Activism in Higher Education
Spring for 2017-2018
This course will provide an opportunity for students to engage in activism around a range of issues in higher education throughout the spring semester, while reading critical literature in the field and reflecting on their activities. The first session is an introduction to the study of the role of nonviolent resistance in diverse international settings such as Iran, the Palestinian territories, the Philippines and Burma, and the application of these strategies to higher education activism. The remaining class sessions will be divided into a combination of skills-building and reflection sessions, as well as a series of guest lecturers who will present case material from student organizing in higher education contexts around the world. Multiple writing genres will engage students’ reflective and critical thinking on the role that activism plays in the lives of those they work with, as well as their own professional, intellectual and social development outside and inside the University. This course is both an academic and a practical opportunity to engage in activism, but also to reflect on the meaning of participating in a values-driven institution and what it means to hold that institution and themselves to those values. Finally, multiple on- and off-campus activities will be required for this course, including those associated with the MLK “Let Freedom Ring” Initiative.
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: None
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