INAF-391 US Pol/Isr-Pal Conf: 9/11-2011
Spring for 2011-2012
This seminar will examine US policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Bush and Obama Administrations. We will quickly review the negotiations before the Clinton years and then examine why Clinton's efforts failed. We will then turn to Bush policy before 9/11, and how that event changed his views and policies. Considerable time will be spent examining the policy moves that followed: endorsement of Palestinian statehood, the Quartet, the Roadmap, support for Gaza Disengagement, and the Annapolis conference. We will then turn to the first half of the Obama Administration, including the tension in US-Israel relations and the contrast between Bush and Obama approaches. We will conclude with discussions of "Fayyadism" and the debate over constructing a Palestinian state, and of the way in which US policy is formulated as a reflection of both bureaucratic power struggles and American domestic politics.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Spring '12: Abrams, Elliott (file download)
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