INAF-429 Amer Civ Libs & Nat'l Security
Fall for 2017-2018
Engy Abdelkader
This seminar examines the American Muslim experience through a post-9/11 civil liberties lens. Interdisciplinary in orientation, the course examines counterterrorism tools and tactics – from the USA Patriot Act to immigration laws to the NSA surveillance program to religious profiling, detention and interrogation – as well as the unique legal and sociological consequences on the minority faith community. Participants will also explore the impact of the “war on terrorism” including hate violence, over-representation of Muslims as the ‘terrorist other’ in mainstream media outlets, religious discrimination in employment and education, opposition to religious land use, vitriolic and xenophobic political rhetoric, among other subjects. The seminar encourages students to engage in informed discourse as we consider policy debates and a number of relevant cases to better understand civil rights and civil liberties in contemporary America. No prior familiarity with the subject matter is required.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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