INAF-634 ISD Capstone - Marketing America’s National Security Policy: How Policy Formation and Communications Intersect
Spring for 2017-2018
Meehan, Bernadette
Students who complete this course will become familiar with the role that communications practitioners play in the national security decision making process, the influence communicators have on the formation of policy, the impact public diplomacy and strategic communications have on the success or failure of U.S. national security policy, and the influence of multiple stakeholders – including the American people, the U.S. Congress, the media, and international allies and adversaries – on U.S. foreign policy formation.
The course will examine the policy debates and decisions surrounding key national security issues of the Obama Administration -- including the Iran nuclear deal, the diplomatic opening with Cuba, the Syria chemical weapons attack, the changes of government in Egypt, and U.S. counter-terrorism operations -- and will evaluate the effectiveness of communications strategies and tools used to explain and "sell" the policies to multiple constituencies. Taught by a Foreign Service Officer who most recently served as the White House National Security Council Spokesperson, the class will include a range of “real-world” simulations to encourage students to approach policy questions from a communications vantage point.
This course – one of three that fulfills the capstone requirement for the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy’s Certificate in Diplomatic Studies (CDS) -- will also require students to complete a joint report outlining a policy recommendation regarding the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility. Integral to the joint report will be the creation of a comprehensive communications strategy that employs a mix of techniques for reaching and influencing desired audiences, and which includes a persuasive narrative that advances the policy objective.
Open to non-CDS candidates on a space-available basis.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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