IPEC-324 Political Economy of Growth, Redistribution and Poverty
Spring for 2017-2018
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In this course we will talk about the political economy literature on growth, redistribution, income inequality and poverty. The bulk of the course is devoted to the political economy of growth, but the topics are clearly related, as you will see. Income inequality may have an impact on growth rates through incentives for redistribution, and growth may, or may not, have an impact on income inequality and poverty, etc. The purpose of the course is twofold. First of all I hope that you will leave this class with more knowledge about the impact of different political variables and institutions on growth rates, income inequality and poverty. Secondly, we will throughout the course go through some formal, but relatively simple, economic models and we will talk about papers that use econometrics to derive empirical regularities. The second purpose is thus to increase your understanding of an economists “tool kit”, and to this end we start out the course with two lectures on the very crude basics of econometrics.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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