IPOL-357 Civil-Military Relations: U.S. Presidents and the General Officers Who Advise Them
Spring for 2016-2017
Metzel, Matt
American civil-military relations play a critical role in the formulation and execution of national policy and strategy. This course serves to explore a variety of civil-military models and apply them to a select list of historical case studies with the goal of determining best practices for engaging in the unequal dialogue of civil-military interaction. The importance of this topic will likely be reflected in headlines across the country, as a new administration establishes their preference and style for interfacing with members of the military community. This undergraduate course begins by reviewing the nation’s founding documents to better understand the framework for American civil-military relations. Next, the course will provide an overview of several well-known civil-military theorists, followed by application of theoretical concepts using historical case studies. Throughout the course, students will be expected to apply civil-military concepts to historical and current foreign policy events. Previous experience or knowledge of American civil-military relations is not required for this course. The instructor is an Army Strategist, and currently serves as fellow at the School of Foreign Service Institute for the Study of Diplomacy.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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