IPOL-372 The Theory and Application of Intelligence
Spring for 2016-2017
Steffen, Andrew
Intelligence is a broad term that entails collection, analysis and production of information to provide valuable insight on important issues for customers at all levels of national security—from the warfighter on the ground to the President in Washington, D.C. This course serves as an introduction to the various intelligence disciplines and their application to fulfilling customer requirements. The course begins by examining the history that shaped U.S. intelligence, the Intelligence Community and military intelligence. A series of classes will then examine the different intelligence disciplines and their respective strengths and weaknesses. The course will explore the application of these distinct capabilities as a cohesive part of a military campaign through historical and modern examples. Finally, the course will examine the challenges to intelligence from phenomena such as emerging state and non-state actors, remotely piloted aircraft, advances in science and technology and transnational threats such as terrorism, proliferation and crime. The course will enhance students’ communication and networking skills through class participation, several one paragraph assessments, briefings (oral presentations) and a final presentation. Previous experience or knowledge of the Intelligence Community is not needed for this course. The instructor – an active duty U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel -- is a career intelligence officer who has served in numerous tactical and strategic roles and has deployed in support of operations in the Middle East, Europe and Pacific regions.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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