ITAL-421-01 Italian Language Varieties and their Social Uses
Fall for 2017-2018
Italian Language Varieties and their social uses: Standard, Dialects, Regional and other differentiations in the linguistic repertoire

Students and scholars of Italian alike are often surprised by the regional and social variability of the Italian language. Indeed, the Italian spoken in different regions and areas of Italy varies dramatically as Italian boasts a rich tradition in terms of number of languages, dialects and minority languages spoken. In addition, Italy is now hosting the language of many migrant communities who make their linguistic presence felt in many ways. This course aims at presenting an overview of the historical development of Italian as a national language and of the main characteristics of regional varieties but it also proposes a reflection on the many ways in which this language changes according to social and situational parameters. Thus, topics of interest will be registers and specialized languages, but also the language of media and social media, the relationships between language and identity and language and politics in Italy.
The course is taught in Italian and is open to graduate and undergraduate students
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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