KREN-212 Third Level Korean II
Spring for 2017-2018
Mun, Bokyung
This course is a continuation of the KREN 211 class. This course is designed as a third level Korean course. Upon completion, students will be able to move beyond learning the basic mechanics of the language to delve deeper into specific areas of their interest and into more contextual knowledge. Students will develop higher Korean oral and written fluency through this course by practicing intermediate level grammar patterns, and reading advanced level material. Students will not only be required to understand the content, but also must be able to express their own thoughts based on the readings. The goals of this course are: a) to understand and express Korean conversations and texts about familiar and abstract topics; b) to be familiar with the Korean language and the advanced Korean language structure so as to read and understand written Korean texts, and express oneself in written Korean; c) to learn about vocabulary and expressions related to emotions, thoughts, communal life, work, or social environments, and use them appropriately; d) to broaden your overall understanding of Korea and Korean culture through the use of idioms and phrases; e) to learn how to describe, explain, compare and contrast a variety of multimedia and texts; and f) to be able to read and write simple essays, notices, and expository texts. Prerequisite: Completion of 211 or an equivalent level of knowledge of Korean.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: 112 or equivalent
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