KREN-331 Korean Current Affairs
Fall for 2017-2018
This is a course designed for students who have a high intermediate level of Korean language proficiency. A wide variety of readings will be introduced to help students read contemporary materials in depth. This course will introduce major events and relevant news of Korea in order to obtain a better understanding of current issues in Korea: Korea’s trends in education, foreign relations, economics, North Korea, socio-cultural topics. This class will discuss Korea in the 1970s and up to Korea today to appreciate the dynamic change that Korea has been undergoing. Although this course will involve these reading materials, each class will integrate all five skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, culture) as much as possible. Students will apply increased Korean fluency and vocabulary from the reading to writing of short essays and class discussion with advanced level proficiency. Active participation in class discussion, oral reports, and written assignments are required. This course also aims to equip students with some knowledge of modern Korean history and current topics through multimedia resources. Prerequisite: KREN-112
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: KREN 112
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