KREN-372 Korean Media
Spring for 2017-2018
This course is designed to broaden students’ knowledge of Korean culture, customs, and society, while simultaneously elevating their Korean proficiency to the advanced level. By studying authentic Korean media, such as news programs, periodicals, documentary films, and TV dramas, students will immerse themselves deeply in the Korean language and culture. By analyzing cultural elements embedded in Korean media, students will also discover and develop a rich socio?cultural and historical foundation critical to advanced proficiency in Korean. By learning the historical and linguistic background of Korea through the media, students will be able to better grasp past, present, and future of Korean society. Each class will cover a different topic that address important facets of Korean society reflected in the media, such as current affairs, global issues, and cultural phenomena. Students will be required to lively participate in class activities, complete various oral and written assignments, quizzes, mid?term and final exams, and a term project presentation. Prerequisite: KREN 331 or equivalent level.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: 331
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