LASP-512-01 Economics for Latin American Studies
Fall for 2017-2018
This course fills the gap for students who need the background acquired in micro, macro, and international economics courses in order to excel in a Latin American Studies masters. It is assumed that students have had no prior exposure to these topics. It is strongly recommended for those students seeking to concentrate in development, government or in political economy.

Throughout the course, we will consider a wide range of topics in micro and macroeconomics, meant to provide a basis for what you will encounter in future courses. These topics are especially designed to address issues of special interest to Latin American economic policy debates such as market organization, international trade, currency and debt crises, unemployment, etc. In addition we will cover the basics of data analysis, such as how to manage and analyze data on Latin America.

The class will be a lecture class. Students will be expected to complete worksheets/problem sets for almost every module to help them master and apply these tools to economic thinking. Problem sets are due at the beginning of class in hard copy format only.
Grades will be determined by two mid-term exams (20% each), the final exam (30%) and eight problem sets (30%).
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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