LASP-575 Political Economy of Development in Latin America
Professor Rivero-Santos
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None


LASP-575-01 Political Economy of Development: Latin America
Spring for 2017-2018
A. Rivero-Santos
Course Goals & Description

This seminar is designed to provide graduate students with a firm theoretical grounding in the political economy of development (PED). The experience of Latin America will be used to explore the theoretical evolution—and policy implications—of the PED in the region and throughout the so-called developing world. Through issues and topics, various interpretations of development processes in other so-called “late-late” developing countries will be used for comparative purposes. Since this is a graduate course, it will be run seminar-style. There will be some lectures but students will be expected to take an active role in the discussions based on weekly readings and their own research throughout the semester. Book/article reviews will be required as well as a final paper. Note: Graduate student status required. No previous knowledge of economics, international relations, international political economy or development studies is required.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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