LING-353 Teaching English as a foreign language
Fall for 2010-2011
Please note that the correct number for this course is LING 356. The schedule of classes should reflect this correction shortly.

Faculty: Steeley, Sherry
*This course is available to MAT ESL/MAT ESL-BLE students only.*

The course is taught entirely on-line from January 4 through May 13, 2011. The curriculum emphasizes Communicative Language Teaching, an established approach in which students learn not through memorization and drills but by actively using the language to perform everyday functions.

Assignments & Expectations of Students
You will be in contact with the professor up to 3 times a week through Blackboard, and can expect to spend 12 hours a week on assigned readings, homework, and contributions to the discussion board. As long as you meet assignment deadlines, you can do the coursework any time during the week. Individual meetings with the professor will be online only and at mutually convenient times. In addition to participating in on-line classes, you will also observe English classes in area language programs.

Course Structure: Daily instruction online with daily assignments which can be submitted at the end of each week.

Lectures: Posted online for the week

Readings: Textbook chapters and articles assigned each week

Tasks: Small group activities, observation reports, projects, and lesson planning exercises submitted via Blackboard

Discussions: Theories analyzed and reviewed on discussion board or chat line

Homework: Submitted via Blackboard by posted deadlines

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: None
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

Course syllabi
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Spring '11: Steeley S (description, file download)
Additional syllabi may be available in prior academic years.
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