LING-358 Preparation and Evaluation of Language Teaching Materials
Spring for 2017-2018
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This course covers the preparation and evaluation of L2 instructional materials in use with a range of different teaching methods. Students learn skills for developing and analyzing materials in accordance with knowledge about how second languages are learned and taught. Practical classroom issues and linguistic and pedagogical rationales for the materials and methods are key considerations. The course utilizes a practical, hands-on approach to adapting current materials and developing new materials. The focus is on materials for the different skills in current use in communicative methods in today’s classrooms, including (but not limited to): task- based approaches to language teaching, computer-assisted language learning, and content-based instruction. Concepts such as learning styles, different teaching contexts (including child/adolescent learners, ESL vs. EFL, etc.), culture, authenticity and classroom management are also discussed in this class. All concepts presented are applicable to foreign/second language materials design in general. Students will participate in instructor- and student-led discussions, evaluate published and develop original teaching materials, and give classroom demonstrations of original materials.

Participants will (a) gain an understanding of current issues at the core of ESL/EFL materials evaluation and preparation, and (b) develop their ability to evaluate existing and develop original ESL/EFL materials. In addition, participants will improve (a) their ability to engage in academic discussions by facilitating and participating in in-class discussions and (b) their critical thinking and writing skills by carrying out the class assignments.

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Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None


LING-358-01 Materials and Approaches in Language Teaching
Development of critical skills for preparation and evaluation of L2 instructional materials in accordance with theories about how second languages are learned. Focus on materials in current use in communicative models including task-based approaches to language teaching, educational technology (this part of the class will be lab-based), and content-based instruction. Consideration of authenticity and classroom input. Concepts presented in this class are applicable to foreign/second language materials design in general.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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