LING-385 Language and multimedia discourse
Laura Wright
Within social interaction, people draw upon and attend to a variety of verbal and extraverbal phenomena to communicate and understand one another. While language may be the most systematically studied semiotic resource, other aspects such as the use of space, gaze, gesture, action, and material artifacts are also important to understanding communication. Furthermore, recent advances in technology such as digital video, transcription software, audio and video corpus tools, and editing software make examining the array semiotic resources and how they are utilized in social interaction more feasible.

In this course, students will read about and discuss central aspects of communication including language, gaze, gesture, proxemics, action and object use, etc. Students will also learn to use a variety of technological tools to conduct their own analyses of communication in naturalistic video and multimedia data for course projects.

Prerequisite is LING 001 or permission of the instructor. Cap at 25.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Ling 001: Introduction to Language
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