LING-400 Senior Honors Thesis
Course description:
Ling 400 is required for all linguistics majors writing a senior honors thesis. The goal of this course is to provide additional support and guidance as you write your senior honors thesis. Your thesis mentor will be responsible for overseeing the content of your research and for evaluating your final paper. In this class, the instructor and your peers will provide guidance and feedback on the research and writing process, helping you to get organized, break down the project into manageable stages, avoid mistakes, present your work clearly, and keep on schedule as the year progresses. Using published models, peer review, and workshop-format discussions of preliminary work, we will discuss both progress and problems at each stage.

Model (published) research papers on topics similar to those being pursued in this class will be posted on the BB website. You will be expected to read relevant portions each week, and come to class prepared to discuss them. You will also participate in reading and commenting on the work of other students.

Assignments and grading:
You will not be graded on the final content of your thesis for this course. At the end of the semester, your mentor will decide whether or not your work meets the requirements for an acceptable senior honors thesis. In this course, your grade will be based on participation, ability to give and receive constructive feedback, presentation of your work, and handing in drafts on schedule. The seminar will meet ’half-time’ (every other week) during the fall and spring semesters. Students will receive 3 credits for the seminar, with an IP grade for the fall to be replaced with a letter grade upon successful completion of the all course requirements in the spring. Credits will count toward Linguistics major requirements.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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