LING-410 Phonology and Phonetics I
Spring for 2010-2011
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This course is a one-semester introduction to the basics of phonetics and phonology, that is, to the linguistic analysis of sound patterns in the world’s languages. It is divided into four sections: (1) Articulatory Phonetics (how speech sounds are made); (2) Acoustic Phonetics (how sound travels and how linguistic sound is measured); (3) Segmental Phonology (how sounds contrast and alternate); and (4) Suprasegmental Phonology (how sounds are grouped into hierarchical constituents). Assignments consist of daily homework (to reinforce concepts and skills) and four short projects (one for each section of the course) on the sound system of an unfamiliar language. Through these assignments, in-class tutorials, and language demonstrations, students will learn the terms and concepts central to phonology and phonetics and basic data analysis skills (including IPA transcription, techniques of acoustic analysis, and approaches to solving phonology problems).
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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