LING-427 Generative Syntax I
Fall for 2017-2018

After a brief introduction to the philosophy and methods of generative grammar, this course examines some of the basic aspects of modern syntactic theory. It starts with an in depth discussion of the need for postulating syntactic structures and then moves on to examine how best to account for phenomena such as word order variation, the distribution and referential properties of noun phrases, and the differences among clausal types. These phenomena will be analyzed mainly through the insights offered by the Principles and Parameters framework. The course consists of lecture presentations, class discussion and intensive problem solving and argumentation on the part of the students. In addition to the Tuesday-Thursday lectures, it comprises a weekly discussion session led by the Teaching Asssistant; this provides an opportunity for students to ask further clarification questions, go over issues that one might feel were not covered in sufficient detail in class, and discuss the weekly homework assignments.

LING/SPAN 527 is the first segment of a two-semester sequence which aims to familiarize the students with the assumptions, goals and methodology of generative syntax, while also providing them the opportunity to explore a few topics in some depth through readings from the primary literature. The second semester course will discuss the relation between the Principles & Parameters and the Minimalist framework.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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