LING-487 MLC Proseminar
Spring for 2017-2018
The MLC Professionalization Seminar is a professional development course for students in the MA in Language and Communication (MLC) program and for other graduate students in Linguistics. In this course, you will design targeted materials for your professional self-presentation, and develop individual professional portfolios. Each student will select a field of professional interest on which to focus for the duration of the class. Each student will broaden their network in their chosen field of exploration and conduct research on the role of linguistics in their professional practice.

The class will be a mixture of lecture, discussion, workshop, and activity-based interaction. We will develop our understanding of professional applications of sociolinguistics through readings, discussions and presentations.

Course Goal: To prepare linguistics graduate students to use their linguistics training in a variety of professional contexts. To foster productive job-seeking and professional development practices that will serve students beyond their degrees. To cultivate networking and professional self-presentation skills.

Course Objectives: To cultivate a professional presence, which will be reflected in materials like resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, means of introduction, important definitions (e.g. linguistics, sociolinguistics, qualitative research) and a draft professional portfolio that exemplifies your unique perspective as a linguist, illustrating your analytical, theoretical, and professional orientation. Students will each create a final analytical project and develop a presentation highlighting their research into their chosen workplace settings, institutions, and professions, highlighting where the skills and training of a linguist fit and are of value.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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