LING-553 Intro to SLA/Bilingualism
Fall for 2010-2011
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This course provides a general introduction to bilingualism and second language acquisition (SLA) research. The first part of the course focuses on bilingualism. Key topics include dimensions and assessment of bilingualism; bilingual language acquisition; the cognitive and neural basis of bilingualism, as well as social, cultural, and educational perspectives on bilingualism. In the second part of the course, different approaches to SLA are discussed, including cognitive-interactionist, emergentist, input-processing and psycholinguistic perspectives. We then move to discussing how L2 learning proceses are impacted by individual variables, including age, L1, motivation, aptitude, and learning style. The course will conclude by discussing research and practice in instructed SLA, in other words, how second languages can best be taught.

Ling-553 fulfils the department’s Language Acquisition distributional requirement, and serves as a prerequisite for some of the more advanced classes in SLA and/or bilingualism.

Ortega, L. (2009). Understanding second language acquisition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Additional readings will be made available on Blackboard (
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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