LING-570 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Fall for 2010-2011
In this course, we will investigate how language shapes and is shaped by society. We will range over many levels of social organization (from nation to neighborhood to individual) as well as many levels of language organization (from phoneme to conversation to entire languages). We will also consider how sociolinguistic knowledge can be applied to areas such as language policy and planning (including issues pertaining to societal bi- and multilingualism and language death), languages and dialects in education (e.g. the use of Ebonics in the classroom), and language and the law (e.g. applying linguistic analysis to threatening communications to identify offenders/narrow suspect pools).

Required Readings:
Wardhaugh, Ronald. 2006. An introduction to sociolinguistics (Fifth edition). Malden/Oxford: Blackwell.

An additional course reader, consisting of a series of articles, will also be required. This will be made available through electronic reserves during the first or second week of class.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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