LING-681 Research Design and Methods
Spring for 2017-2018
The course covers quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods linguistics research and will teach

you how to:

* Identify research problems, areas and questions
* Prepare IRB applications and informed consent documents (and address IRB queries)
* Address ethical concerns involved in conducting research with human participants
* Come up with predictions
* Decide on appropriate and feasible methods for answering research questions or addressing areas of research interest
* Choose, design, and/or adapt data collection techniques, and pilot-test them
* Understand validity and reliability in quantitative research
* Define and operationalize variables
* Understand the importance of credibility, transferability and dependability in qualitative research, together with triangulation
* Collect, transcribe, describe, code, and analyze data
* Understand how mixed-methods research works, layering different perspectives
* Use a variety of qual-quant tools for data coding and analysis (e.g., SuperLab, NVivo)
* Analyze and critique research designs in the published literature
* Write up and present research reports (focus on conference presentations, paper submissions)

This course is suitable for students at various stages of graduate study and is designed to accommodate the research goals of novice and more experienced students. Assignments and assessment in this course reflect the fact that class participants are likely to be at different stages in their graduate study. For example, master’s students and beginning doctoral students may want to use the class for gaining familiarity with how to submit an IRB and design a pilot study, select, adapt, or create materials for data collection, or to try out different coding techniques. More advanced students can pilot aspects of their thesis or dissertation work. All students can expect to gain exposure to a variety of methods across a range of areas, including psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic and instructed as well as corpus approaches to second language acquisition/applied linguistics, while also having opportunities to delve more deeply into specific areas of interest.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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