MARK-579 Social Media
The internet has gone through some significant changes as an advertising and marketing platform for advertisers of all sizes. This course has been designed to discuss real life examples of what advertisers, agencies and the internet publishers have all worked on together in creating the most easurable advertising medium ever. In this course we will review case studies and key issues that the industry has started to solve and to get the students involved in real time business situations. There will be a number of guest speakers who are key players in the internet advertising industry that will present a real sense of the advertising issues of the day from monetizing social media to local advertising trends to looking at the largest advertiser issues of the day . We will look at what went wrong with the advertising model as the bubble burst in 2000 to how this industry has grown at a 30%+ CAGR in the last 7 years with emphasis on search, display, video and mobile internet advertising and why this industry is poised for significant growth in the years ahead.
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: None
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