MATH-200 Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
This course will introduce different methods for constructing simple proofs, including backward/forward proofs, contradiction, contraposition, and induction. The students will apply these methods to a variety of areas of mathematics, including simple number theory, relations, calculus concepts, and a study of infinity. This course is required for Math Majors and is a prerequisite for many upper level courses. Fall and Spring.

Textbook: Introduction to Proof: Concepts and Techniques by James Sandefur, 2014. This is an electronic textbook that will be available for free online to all registered students. Earlier versions of this textbook will not work.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: B or better in 036 or department approval.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Normally taken after MATH 137 or 150
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